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Fight the Bite, Naturally

July 2, 2013

Even though coastal mosquitoes are as thick as the heavy air this time of year, keeping them from constantly cutting into your blood supply can be a challenge if you’re looking to do it naturally. DEET, the common ingredient found in most insect repellents, can be an irritant and in some cases has caused epidermal reactions, impaired cognition and even seizures....Read More

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Add Some Green to your Red, White, and Blue

The Fourth of July always conjures up images of sparklers, watermelon, fresh berry cakes and a fun, late afternoon spent with friends and family. It’s a wonderful time to not only celebrate the nation’s independence but to enjoy the fresh summer harvest from your local farms. Unfortunately, we also tend to go through a lot…Read More

Fit For a T

This summer, as you’re digging around wondering what happened to last year’s bathing suit, you’re probably also coming across a lot of old t-shirts that you most likely won’t wear this year…or ever. Instead of tossing them out or resigning them to the car polishing pile, consider trying out one of these fun t-shirt repurposing…Read More

A DIY Father’s Day to Remember

Father’s Day typically conjures up images of ties, new socks, maybe a fishing or hunting-related gift and a card signed by the kids. But this special holiday for your one-and-only dad doesn’t have to be passed over once again with the same old last minute gifts. Instead, consider making him a present that he would…Read More

School’s Out! Now What?

The end of school is a time of celebration for your long-suffering youngsters but once the excitement wears off, the worry about how to keep the troops entertained kicks in. While summer and day camps take up a good chunk of time, there are still days where there seems to be little else to do…Read More

What Can You Do with a Mason Jar?

Mason jars show up in your home for a number a reasons. Maybe you bought a dozen for a canning project or washed a few jelly jars after stripping off the label to use as water glasses. Apart from easily being recycled, mason jars can store any number of dry goods from macaroni to cereal…Read More

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