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Small Steps

My Goodness, How Green!

August 14, 2013

One of the most natural and eco-friendly practices in the world is sharing. Whether it’s parents passing on outgrown toys to new parent friends, groups holding bring one-take one swaps or even sharing weekday rides with a co-worker, recycling what you don’t need and extending the life and impact of what you have are all excellent ways to not only help the...Read More

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Need a Lunch Box? Why Not Make Your Own

Even though school items are going on sale left and right in anticipation of the upcoming school year, you can save even more money – and the environment – by making your own lunch box out of an empty gallon milk jug. The best part is, when it starts to get worn, just recycle it…Read More

Rainy Day Savings

With all the rain we’ve been experiencing in the Lowcountry recently, why not take advantage of it by building your own rain barrel? While standard rain barrels can cost in excess of $100, the parts needed to build your own are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store. A basic rain barrel consists…Read More

Literally Upcycled

Three times a year, Charleston Friends of the Library hosts a book sale consisting of tens of thousands of donated books, CDs, DVDs and video games, the proceeds of which go to support our local libraries. Each event is highly anticipated by bibliophiles throughout the lowcountry and these sales never disappoint. From rare first editions…Read More

Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Compost…

Composting is the best way to reuse those piles of kitchen scraps, but did you know you could compost other household items such as paper Q-tips and bird cage cleanings? Following is a list of several items that can go in your compost bin and help you cut down on that weekly garbage pile: Bird,…Read More

ReWin-ed Lighting

This small step idea was inspired by Sothel Farms in West Ashley, located just off the Greenway in the Byrnes Down neighborhood. If you haven’t seen this incredible little farm yet feel free to drop by, chat with farm owner Mark Weatherford, and grab a veggie or two, free for the taking. Along with his…Read More

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