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Small Steps

Give Your Groceries Extra Life

September 25, 2013

Every couple of weeks I find myself going through the refrigerator and sighing at all of the expired food items that have accumulated. From eggs to old wine to that last cup or two of milk, it’s a shame to throw them out, but what can you do?

Actually, a lot of things.

Several of the food items that you think are no longer any good...Read More

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The Compostable Fall Flowerpot

Now that the weather is starting to cool down a little here and there, the autumn bug is starting to take over as squash and pumpkins begin to appear in the grocery stores and the smell of cinnamon takes the place of summer blossoms. Fall can still be a good time for planting and if…Read More

Tip of the Hat

You might not know this (I sure didn’t!), but September 15 is also known as Make Your Own Hat Day! To help you celebrate, here are a few links to some fun tutorials on how to make your own hats from upcycled materials and items you can find around the house: Felt Hat: Ever wanted…Read More

Chalk Up Your Crock Pot

I’m not sure if it’s an unspoken rule that crock pots have to be one of the ugliest appliances in a kitchen, but it seems like 90 percent of the time you can only find them with with that eggshell porcelain finish and country-cute curly cues of blue ribbon, flowers and the occasional chicken. Fortunately,…Read More

Don’t Toss Out that Phone Book Just Yet

It’s that time of year again when you get home after a long day and stub your toe on a bright yellow brick tossed half-heartedly on your doorstep. Phone books are definitely going the way of the dinosaurs, but it seems like we still might have to put up with them for a few more…Read More

New Life for Broken Crayons

Even if you don’t have young ones around, it’s still quite likely that there’s a drawer somewhere in your home with a handful or two of old, broken crayons. Instead of tossing them out, ┬átry this neat DIY crayon project for making multi-colored crayon sticks big enough for even little hands to hold. What you’ll…Read More

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