chandelier wine bottles
July 9, 2013
6:47 pm

This small step idea was inspired by Sothel Farms in West Ashley, located just off the Greenway in the Byrnes Down neighborhood. If you haven’t seen this incredible little farm yet feel free to drop by, chat with farm owner Mark Weatherford, and grab a veggie or two, free for the taking. Along with his well-stocked and beautifully kept garden, Weatherford also welcomes neighbors and visitors to hang out and catch up with each other in the shelter of the small porch off of his garden shed. Along with two televisions tuned to weather and whatever’s airing on the History channel, Weatherford also has several amazing repurposed items, including a beautiful wine bottle chandelier. To build, Weatherford wired three empty Methuselah-sized wine bottles and super glued the bottoms to a cut-out piece of plywood, and then wrapping the entirety in white Christmas lights. The lights then attach to an outdoor-quality extension cord and voila! a beautiful and unique repurposed chandelier perfect for outdoor gathering spaces.

For more information about Sothel Farms, visit