milk jug lunch box
August 7, 2013
Special to GFP 4:53 pm

Even though school items are going on sale left and right in anticipation of the upcoming school year, you can save even more money – and the environment – by making your own lunch box out of an empty gallon milk jug. The best part is, when it starts to get worn, just recycle it and make a new one in only a couple minutes! You can further personalize your lunch box by painting it, adding stickers and even mod podge-ing on pictures cut from magazines or your own images.

How to make a milk jug lunch box:

1. Mark and cut your milk jug as shown in the picture to the right.

2. Fold the edges down the way you want them to fold and then unfold them. Using a thumb tack, score the fold lines so that they fold more easily.

3. Add a velcro dot to the top lid where it closes on the forward-facing panel and add the opposing velcro dot on the panel so that the lunch box closes and stays close quickly and easily.

That’s it! For additional tips, check out another instructional website here.