group hands
August 14, 2013
3:22 pm

One of the most natural and eco-friendly practices in the world is sharing. Whether it’s parents passing on outgrown toys to new parent friends, groups holding bring one-take one swaps or even sharing weekday rides with a co-worker, recycling what you don’t need and extending the life and impact of what you have are all excellent ways to not only help the environment, but to also promote that always important spirit of goodwill. In Charleston there are several organizations that promote sharing in one form or another:

ReuseItCharleston: This is a FreeCycling network in Charleston which promotes the passing on of items from someone who has them to someone who needs it. Nothing is sold on the site; items are simply listed as “offered,” “taken,” “wanted,” and “received.”

Craigslist – free stuff: Often people have items that they just don’t want to deal with and pitch on the curb. But before the trash truck comes through, they post that it’s free for the taking on Craigslist’s “free stuff” section. The next time you toss something that someone else could use to the curb, let the Craigslist community know!

Charleston Mom Swap: This Facebook page brings moms together from across the tri-county area to share, swap and/or sell old children’s toys and clothing.

Charleston FreeCycle: Members can post offers and wanted items on this network. New posts daily. This is a national website that provides opportunities for sharing as well as helpful guides on how to start your own sharing circles.

What are some upcycling/repurposing/sharing groups you know about or are a member of?