Four easy steps to a chalkboard crock pot
September 5, 2013
6:19 pm

I’m not sure if it’s an unspoken rule that crock pots have to be one of the ugliest appliances in a kitchen, but it seems like 90 percent of the time you can only find them with with that eggshell porcelain finish and country-cute curly cues of blue ribbon, flowers and the occasional chicken. Fortunately, fixing that eyesore of a dinner convenience is incredibly easy. All you need are:

  • Painters’ tape
  • a couple plastic bags
  • a pair of scissors
  • chalkboard paint (either in a can or spray can)
  1. Start by washing the crock pot thoroughly and removing any caked-on debris. Then scour the outside with a scouring pad or steel wool to give the paint something to grab onto.
  2. Tape off all of the areas where you don’t want chalkboard paint and chop up the plastic bag to help cover larger areas such as the control pad and handles. Use a larger section of plastic to fill in the inside of the crock pot to keep paint from getting in.
  3. Spray or paint with chalkboard paint and let dry for an hour.
  4. Do a second coat for good measure and let dry for at least an hour before bringing it inside.
  5. Let the paint cure for 24 hours and then use!
You can use the chalkboard surface of your crock pot to write down what’s cooking, reminders on when to add certain incredients or even to leave yourself a note as to what time you started. It’s super easy and leaves you with an attractive an extra-functional crock pot.
What are some creative ways you’ve used chalkboard paint?