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Barack Obama’s Climate Change Initiative

July 1, 2013

Dear EarthTalk: What is the gist of President Obama’s new plan to tackle global warming and how does the green community feel about what the White House is proposing?  — Bill Kemp, Seattle WA


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The Whiskered Menace

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that pet cats prey on lots of birds and other “neighborhood” wildlife, but isn’t it cruel to force felines to live indoors only? And isn’t human encroachment the real issue for bird populations, not a few opportunistic cats?                       – Jason Braunstein, Laos, NM   While it is true that habitat loss…Read More

Uranium Mining

Dear EarthTalk: Is it true that there has been an increase in uranium mining in the U.S. due to a renewed interest in nuclear energy? What are the health and environmental ramifications of this? – Paul Raffman, New Bedford, MA   The big boom for American uranium mining was in the late 1940s and early…Read More

Organic: Still a Small Slice of the Pie

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that, despite the popularity of organic foods, clothing and other products, organic agriculture is still only practiced on a tiny percentage of land worldwide. What’s getting in the way?                                                                                         – Larry McFarlane, Boston, MA Organic production may still represent only a small fraction of agricultural sales in the U.S. and…Read More

The Colorado River: America’s Most Endangered

Dear EarthTalk: Why was the Colorado River named the most endangered river of 2013? – Missy Perkins, Jenkintown, PA   American Rivers, a leading non-profit dedicated to the conservation of rivers and riparian corridors across the U.S., recently unveiled its annual list of the nation’s most endangered rivers. The mighty Colorado earned the #1 spot,…Read More

The Dwindling Monarch

Dear EarthTalk: How are monarch butterflies doing today? They used to pass through my area in big numbers but in the last few years there seem to be many fewer.                  – Bill Wright, Erie, PA   The monarch butterfly, royally adorned in black, white and reddish-orange and able to migrate as far as 2,800…Read More

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