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Sharing is Caring

August 13, 2013

Dear EarthTalk: Some green groups are promoting the simple notion of sharing as a way to green communities and combat waste. Can you explain?                        – Becky Lipscomb, Centereach, NY


The convergence of environmental awareness...Read More

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Green Home Renovation

Dear EarthTalk: I’m planning a major home renovation and want to include as many green-friendly features as possible. Where do I begin to look?                    – Matthew Glaser, Queens, NY   There has never been a better time to renovate green, given the abundance of Earth-friendly building material choices as well as contractors well-versed in energy-…Read More

Ghost Factories

Dear EarthTalk: What are “ghost factories?”                                           – Philip Walker, Hartford, CT In April 2012, USA TODAY published a series entitled “Ghost Factories,” a report on an investigation into lead contaminated soil in hundreds of neighborhoods around theU.S. where lead factories once operated. The investigation addressed the lack of action taken by the U.S.…Read More

Sea Level Rises not Letting Up Anytime Soon

Dear EarthTalk: Hurricane Sandy brought more sea water onto shorelines than I’d ever witnessed before and many communities near where I live are now being required to raise their homes up. What is the prognosis for sea level rise in the years immediately ahead?         — Scott P., Fairfield, CT Since sea level measurements were first…Read More

California’s Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Law

Dear EarthTalk: Three regions in California recently implemented transportation plans as part of a statewide strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Can you explain? – Bill Oakes, Reno, NV   Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about global warming even as Washington politicians continue to debate whether or not to mandate emissions cutbacks. In lieu of…Read More

Mosquito-borne Diseases on the Uptick — Thanks to Global Warming

Dear EarthTalk: Is there a link between the recent spread of mosquito-borne diseases around the world and environmental pollution?                                                          – Meg Ross, Lantana, FL If by pollution you mean greenhouse gas emissions, then definitely yes. According to Maria Diuk-Wasser at the Yale School of Public Health, the onset of human-induced global warming is likely to…Read More

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