Charleston Green Team
September 11, 2013
By Charleston County 5:55 pm

Charleston County Environmental Management’s Greening Schools Program is collaborating with Charleston County School District to sponsor and support student green teams to assist schools with taking steps toward sustainability. Green teams empower students and facilitators to take sustainable actions such as waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, energy conservation and pollution prevention.

“A green team, through peer-based learning and leadership, will provide motivation to increase recycling awareness and participation in the schools,” said Greening Schools Representative Bronwyn Santos of the County’s Environmental Management Department.

The Charleston County Environmental Management Department will assist school administrators and faculty members to create green teams and incentivize participants.

“Connecting the ideas and lessons learned in the classroom requires teamwork and leadership at all levels. Students, teachers, principals, administrators and parents all play active roles and help broaden and enrich the community conversation around sustainability,” said Maggie Dangerfield, Sustainability Coordinator with Charleston County School District.

The County’s Environmental Management Department has created green team coordinator guidelines and is offering resources such as a green team member kit and educational opportunities to assist teams with developing and achieving their “green” goals.

“An important component of a successful green team is the commitment of a coordinator to promote teamwork and decision making,” Santos said. “The coordinator selects members, coordinates efforts, encourages shared responsibility, and oversees implementation of programs.”

For more information and to learn how to get involved, contact Bronwyn Santos, Charleston County Environmental Management’s Greening Schools Community Representative at (843) 720-7111 or