The Good Footprint provides an environmentally-friendly, effective, and affordable advertising vehicle for local green business owners who wish to reach like-minded people within the community.



• FOCUSED COVERAGE — The Good Footprint’s insightful articles and profiles compliment your professional efforts and connect customers to your green business.

• AFFORDABLE —Because The Good Footprint is a digital publication, there’s not the expense of printing and distributing.

• LIMITED SPONSORS —The Good Footprint has been designed for maximum exposure for a minimum number of sponsors. So your business will immediately be one of only 10 visible sponsors every week.

• NON-TRADITIONAL —Since you do not own a typical business, don’t market it in a typical way. The Good Footprint offers a complete digital marketing plan for your business.For more information e-mail Lindsey at



With a multi-layered approach to promoting your business, The Good Footprint is far more than just a traditional advertising vehicle. Through a combination of e-mail marketing, web marketing, and social media, we help your company build a digital brand five different ways.

1). E-Newsletter Ads
With four different sized digital ads expertly designed for you, your ad will rotate around the newsletter every week, maximizing your exposure without allowing your message to become stagnant.

2). Website Ad
Every article in The Good Footprint e-newsletter will link back to, where another advertisement for your business will reinforce your brand..

3). Local Spotlight Profile
Each week a different local business will be profiled in The Good Footprint. By being a sponsor, you’re guaranteed to get a write-up about your business.

4). “Green Grab Bag” Deals of the Month
A separate monthly email with custom offers exclusive to our more than 5,000 subscribers. For every month you’re a part of The Good Footprint, you’re guaranteed to part of the Green Grab Bag.

6). Social Media
Your social media followers already know how great you our. Let us tell our followers what you’re all about. Get a post a week on our vast social network.